Interclub Competition - Round 2 2013

Round 2 of the Interclub Competition was held at Bannerdown Gliding Club - Keevil on the 1st and 2nd of June 2013.

DGS fielded a single pilot, Trevor Taylor flying the Jantar1 in the Pundit Class, who decided to attend without a crew; is that confidence or something else? He was made very welcome at the well run event at the RAFGSA club.

Jantar1 on the way to the grid.
 Day 1.
Task Keevil, Avebury, Worcester, Westbury, Keevil for 220.2 km in a very strong northerly airflow.

Trevor completed the task after quite a struggle. At one point he had to resort to ridge flying while waiting for the overcast to clear and the thermals to restart. He came 4th on the day. Great effort.

Some of the grid
Task Keevil, Chievely, Buckingham, Wantage, Trowbridge, Keevil 245.8 km.

Trevor initially struggled to get away. During this struggle he inadvertently clipped the edge of the Salisbury Plain danger area and returned to Keevil to confess his sins. He took another launch and completed the task in good style with an average speed of 72.6 km. He came second overall but was penalised one place due to the airspace infringement and so ended up 3rd on the day

Most launches were by the winch
Well done Trevor.


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