Welcome to the Interclub League 2013

Before we know it, the new season will have arrived. We have a bunch of pilots ready to try their first cross countries, and another bunch that ought to be going for 300k flights.

To help move this along, 2013 we have decided to join in with the regional interclub league (ICL). The ICL is a very informal interclub competition designed to encourage cross country flying, particularly for newbies.
These are really great fun, very sociable and a good way to learn more about cross country flying in a safe environment.

I am pleased to say that Mike Gadd has agreed to co-ordinate our involvement for 2013 so please give him support by volunteering to enter some of the events and/or volunteering to crew.
The minimum entry qualification for pilots is cross country endorsement+ bronze C. To be crew, you just need a sense of humour. A full team is one novice, one intermediate, and one pundit, the team members will change day by day and event by event.

Winning is really not important, getting involved is what it is all about.

You can be involved for as little or as much as you wish, spend the weekend, enjoy a BBQ and a few beers on Saturday night. You can take a tent or stay at the local Ritz its up to you.

The event dates are now on the club calendar---have a chat with Mike and get involved"

Don Puttock

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