Further to the news on the ICL dates as published on the forum, I have two other items to report:

- Use of the Club Single Seater: The committee have now approved the use of the Pirat for ICL's for a set fee of £20 / day. It goes without saying that the pilot who takes the glider away, must look after it and be responsible for it.

I cannot help with the preparation or transportation of the Pirat, so if you plan to take it away, please let me know anyway, but I'll leave it you to take the lead on this (Ray, I think you are already on the case here?).

- GPS: I have been granted permission to purchase a 'Glider Guider' from the tea swindle for DGS pilots to use. Due to the bright screen, these only have a battery life of about 1.5 hours, therefore an independent 12v (fused at 1A) power supply must be provided from the glider battery. I will obtain a suitable power lead, and will aim to prepare it in time for the first ICL meet. I will also configure it, and will offer basic instruction on it's use (since I already have one fitted in my own glider). Let me know if you need this. Since I am not always at the club, we need to find somewhere secure to store it. I also recommend that a spare / charged battery travels with it.

Therefore, what I need now are interested pilots to fly these events - they are good fun and will offer an opportunity to fly cross country. If this is not for you yet, but are interested to see how they run, and you fancy a social away, then we need crew and drinking partners!

Please let me know!

Mike Gadd

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