The 2014 season is nearly upon us!

Well a little early I know, but in the next few weeks I should have the dates for this years ICL.

As with last year, DGS will offer a team for each venue, kindly hosted by our neighbour clubs. As we are not really able to host the ICL, I think it's only good manners to make the effort and attend as many as we can.

As was the message for last year; ICL's are a great opportunity to fly cross country, so if you're looking for an opportunity to join in on something that is well organised, with tasks set that are within the possibilities of the day, with ground crews to get you if you do land out - then this is it! My first XC last year was nearly 100km around a set course of turn-points, with huge fields to land in if I needed them, something perhaps I wouldn't have attempted if I hadn't been there. This was on a weekend with a dodgy forecast, so for this year, if the host club calls the meet as ON, I will assume they will know more about their own local weather than we do, and we should therefore attend.

Host clubs are great at putting on these events, offering camping space and facilities, or access to something nearby, and Sat night is usually a BBQ social.

You must be Bronze with a cross country endorsement and current by the time you fly. Host clubs are always happy to offer check flights for those who want them, but this is up to you!

Subject to committee approval, I also hope to get access to a club single seater for those who don't have access to their own glider. If you want to attend and wish to fly a club glider, let me know.

Last year was a good start, we had two scoring events with flights entered into the BGA league, but this year I need more pilots and crew to join in on the fun. Please email me if you're interested and I'll keep you posted on dates.

Come on, join us!

Mike Gadd

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