League Rules

INTER-CLUB LEAGUE - Local Rules S.W. League
What the League is about.
1. The Inter-Club League is intended to encourage competitive cross-country flying on a less formal basis than National and Regional competitions, involving pilots at all levels of cross-country competence.
2. The competition will take the form of weekend 'Meets' between the four clubs in each League. A 'Meet' will be hosted by each of the clubs in turn throughout the season, giving pilots and crews an opportunity to visit and fly from other clubs in their area.
(Note: Some Leagues comprise 3 or 5 clubs - Rules 1 & 9 cover this).
3. The intention is not to give great glory to individuals, but to promote rivalry between the clubs. The honours each weekend, and over the season, will therefore go to the club amassing the highest total score for all its pilots.
4. Special emphasis will be put on the performance of Novice pilots.
5. The host club for each weekend will be responsible for providing the organisation for the competition, so there will be an opportunity for people to learn contest direction, task setting, start and finish line control, scoring etc...
6. The host club must undertake to provide appropriate launching facilities, although it is intended that there should be minimal interruption to normal club flying.
7. Providing agreement is reached between participating clubs there will be no membership charges.
8. It is confidently expected that clubs will vie for the honour of organising the best party on the Saturday night of their Meet.
1. Each League shall normally comprise four clubs, each of whom will host a two-day weekend meet.
Note: Those Leagues with 3 clubs hold 3 Meets; Leagues with 5 clubs may find 5 Meets too many and are recommended to consider holding only 4 Meets each year.
2. Each club shall field a team of 3 pilots comprising one Novice, one Intermediate and one Pundit. The club shall nominate a team captain who need not be a pilot.
3. The pilot classes are defined as follows:-
Novice Any pilot who by 1st April of the League year has not flown in a rated competition, (Regionals, Inter-Services or junior Nationals) has not flown a 300k qualifying for Gold Distance.
Intermediate Any pilot who by 1st April of the League year has not flown in a Nationals level competition, has not flown a 500k qualifying for Diamond Distance.
Pundit Anyone can be a pundit.
4. If desired a pilot may fly in a higher class, eg. a pilot qualifying for Intermediate status may be entered as his club's Pundit.
5. Pilots flying in the Novice class may fly any Standard Class glider. They may also fly gliders of any class with a handicap no greater than the currently highest handicapped Standard Class glider.
6. Pilots flying in the Novice class must not carry water-ballast.
7. Task setters should whenever possible set Novice tasks which are feasible for those Novices flying older generation wooden gliders.
8. Task setting will be the responsibility of the host team's Contest Director assisted by the Team Captain.
9. The competition will be run and scored broadly according to the BGA Competition Handbook, Windicapping and Held start-line included. Y to be announced at briefing, and to be at the Competition Directors discretion. Preferred evidence of competitor’s flights is by logger but cameras are acceptable. It is the pilot’s responsibility to supply the evidence in whichever form within seven days to the relevant Contest Director. Logger files may be sent electronically.
10. A weekend Meet shall be declared a contest when pilots in any class have a scoring task.
11. Each class will be scored as a separate task group. These daily scores will be added for the weekend, and the weekend League points will be awarded in EACH CLASS as follows:
12. The winner will be awarded the same number of points as there are clubs in the league plus 1 point for launching. Each position down from 1st will reduce the points by 1 point
Eg. Assuming 4 clubs announce that they are competing at the start of the season then if :-
All four pilots score
1st place = 5 points
2nd place = 4 points
3rd place = 3 points
4th place = 2 points
If only three pilots score and 1 lands back
1st place = 5 points
2nd place = 4 points
3rd place = 3 points
4th place = 1 point
Any club failing to take a contest launch scores zero.
13. The weekend League points in each class are added together for each Club to determine the scores for each Meet, and for the season.
14. In the event of a draw at the end of the season, or in the Inter-league Final, the winner will be the club with greater cumulative points on the daily '1000' point scores.
15. Any No-Contest weekend (or scoring but disappointing weekend) may be re-run in all classes or in part if all team captains agree. If this happens, it is recommended that all scoring flights are counted towards the total season scores.
16. No pilot may fly on more than four contest days during one season as P1. (Except to appear in the Inter-League Final) Pilots may fly on more than four contest days when they fly in a two seater with a more experienced pilot; this is to encourage X-country training and development. Two pilots of equal standing may fly together but in this case the day will count for each of them as one of their four contest days. (this rule should be interpreted with the spirit of the ICL in mind)
17. Launching may be by aerotow or winch/autotow as appropriate.
18. All matters of flying safety remain the prerogative of the host club's CFI./ duty instructor. Team Captains should ensure that the standard of competence of their pilots is adequate, but the need for check-flights should be discussed with the host club's CFI.
19. Finishing and final glides will be conducted in accordance with the current Competition Handbook except where the hosting club requires more stringent limit e.g. minimum heights. Breach of these rules will result in forfeit of points gained from that flight.
20. The Contest Director in committee with the Team Captains (or the relevant deputy captain if the captain is the subject of the dispute) will act as stewards, whose ruling on any matters in dispute will be final.
21. Non-competing gliders will be encouraged to fly the competition tasks wherever local operating conditions permit this.
22. The host club's Team Captain is responsible for getting the scores out to all participating teams within 10 days.
23. These rules may be modified at any time by agreement between all Team Captains.
24. An Inter-League Final will be held each year over the 3-day August Bank Holiday weekend between the winners of each League. Venue will be announced by Mid-July, and printed in the August 'Sailplane & Gliding'

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